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The articles below should help your if you want to consider an entirely different career or an alternative career in life sciences. Many of the consulting articles below are probably most relevant to someone who is a website designer, but I found several of the general articles useful in setting up my own consulting business in the biotech sector - theLabRat

theLabRat.com - Guide to Career Change

Alternative Careers in Biosciences
Just as it says.  Alternative Careers in BioSciences.

Operations & Growing your Consulting Business
Effective use of Cold Calls
Effective use of Signatures
Freelancers - Get Your Money
Freelancers Need a Budget
How to Successfully Network Online
Promote Your Freelance Business with an Email Newsletter
Sell Your Services to Businesses that don't have a Web Site
Vacationing Away From Your Freelance Business

Consulting Home office related articles
A Childproof and Workable Home Office
Avoid that Audit
Designing Your Home Office
Home Office Deductions for Freelancers
Home Office Ergonomics
How to Increase Home Office Productivity

Getting Started with Consulting Work
5 Warning Signs of a Scam Business
Assessing your Skills
Freelance Pricing - Quoting to Win (Part I)
Freelance Pricing - Quoting to Win (Part II)
Freelance Pricing - Quoting to Win (Part III)
Freelance Work Exchange: Find hundreds of freelance and work-at-home jobs. Click here to start today
Legal Considerations for Your Home Freelance Business
Naming Your Freelance Home Business
Putting Objectives in Check
Scams - How can I Tell Which Jobs are not for Real?
Should You Take That Freelance Gig?
Steps of a Project for a Web Builder

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